So we finally are on our way to Sao Paulo, Brazil from Delhi. We flew Emirates via Dubai and in this post will cover the flight experience.  In spite of travelling to 35 odd countries already, this was our first time in Emirates.  As per our itinerary, we flew from India at 4:15 am in the morning to Dubai on a 3 hour flight. After a layover of approx. 2.5 hours, we boarded the Sao Paulo bound 14 hour flight. We landed in Sao Paulo at 4:30 pm local time.

Boarding Gate at Dubai Airport

As first flight was more a blink and miss affair, I will not talk about it much. They did serve a full blown breakfast. But I was not up for having a seafood breakfast at 5:30 in the morning.  Also, I discovered these interesting stickers you can stick to your seats to communicate with hostess.

Sticky Notes – Good Innovation

The real Emirates expertise came to the fore during second half.  We had three meal services during our flights details of which are as follows:

  1. Breakfast: Seafood breakfast of Smoked Salmon, two poached eggs & beans coupled with OJ and some bread
  2. Lunch: Schezwan style Prawns with Jasmine Rice plus berry pie. South African white wine went really well. This was accompanied with Bread Sticks & crackers with cream cheese
  3. Snacks: Margarita Pizza with beer/soft drinks

Toilets were exceptionally clean and the general plane hygiene were maintained at all times


Deft Tips

  • If you are a couple travelling together, check in Window & Aisle seats. There is a high probability that no one will take the middle seat and you will get that seat as well.
  • Always pre-order meals as you will be served early and before anyone else
  • Use toilet once immediately after boarding and once about 1.5 hours before landing. This will ensure zero waiting and cleanliness