We have been in Sao Paulo for less than 24 hours till now.

Few first impressions about the city are as follows:

  • Hardly anyone knows English. Spanish/Portuguese essential.
  • Foreign Currency Exchange outlets are not present everywhere unlike most other tourist towns. They are few. Look out for a sign ‘CAMBIO’
  • Never seen so many car parking areas in any city. Every 50 metres seem to have one with an attendant on the road coaxing drivers in and the parking rates are prominently displayed
  • Small cafes abound – standard meal Pasties with Sugarcane Juice

Deft Tips:

  • Download Offline English to Spanish App named ‘SPANISHDICT’. Helps in basic communication
  • Walk as much as you can. We walked for 11 km on today , our first day inspite of the jet lag.
  • If eating Pasties with Juice, lookout for a combo pricing at lunch time. Save 2-3 BRLs (local currency)