Our 10 days journey through Poland was exciting in more ways than one. Any country can be best experienced by eating lot of local food. That’s exactly what we did at various places in Poland. As my wife is vegetarian, our go to snack always is Falafel Shawarma which are available aplenty in any corner of the world. Largely polish cuisines centres around Pork, Potato, Cabbage etc. Here are some of the really exciting things that we ate during our stay at Poland:

  • Golonka : The king of all dishes we had at Poland. Golonka is polish word for Pork Knuckle. It looks exactly like pig’s knuckle and is a huge chunk of meat. I tried eating it alone and ended up leaving half portion. Fit for 2 people. It is essentially a tender boiled piece of meat & has lot of fat. It is served with sides like sauteed vegetables, potatoes etc. Must have in Krakow.
Golonka – Pork Knuckle, fit for 2 people
  • Pierogi: Steamed dumplings containing anything from Pork, beef to vegetables. This is not very different from momos or Dimsums that are available in India. Served with fried onions at top.
  • Potato Pancakes: A carb filled delight. Especially good after long walks. It is essentially 3-4 pieces of deep fired crumbed potatoes flattened as pancakes. It’s usually served with some hung curd. Must have in Zakopane
  • Zapiekanka: Open face baguette sandwich. While many variations are available, best is to have the original contraption with cheese & mushrooms. Cheap, filling and really hits the spot.
  • Beverages: Poland has variety of brilliant yet cheap beer. Don’t miss out on them. Forget Heineken , Budweiser etc for a while. Have local beer and they do come is variety of flavors as well.
  • Ice Cream: Called Lody in Polish , amazing variety available across. Must try flavour is Forest Berry

Deft Tips

  • Have a meal at various Milk Bars (Bar Mleczny). They are basically cheap cafeteria kind of places all over Poland
  • Always have local alcohol
  • Tap water is potable throughout Poland