After full 36 hours in Sao Paulo, we were done with monotonous skyscrapers etc. We really needed a change from the sights & scenery of Historic Centre. Our wish came true in form of Parque Ibirapuera which literally means Ibirapuera Park.

How to Get There

There are various metro stations in vicinity of park like Vila Mariana ,Santa Cruz and Paraíso. The park is approximately 10 minutes’ walk from each of them. Pedestrians have enough space on the footpaths and at least in this part of Sao Paulo, drivers do stop for pedestrians crossing the road.

What to Do & See

The park is huge but well maintained. There is enough police presence to ensure that you wouldn’t be troubled in any corner of the park. The place is known for its fountains. It wasn’t on when we were there but by the looks of it seems it must be a sight once on. There are couple of cafes that serve lasagnes, drinks etc.  There is a nice museum on Brazil Black history which details about how the black people were treated & came to be what they are today.

Ibirapuera Park  – Indeed an oasis in middle of a city


 Deft Tips:

  • Tap water is potable and hence u may not pick water bottle from the cafes. Just a refill would do.
  • There is Free Wifi in the museum of black history. Username & Password is pasted  on a standee just inside the store
  • Relax & Savour !!!