Ouro Preto literally translates into ‘Black Gold’. It is a small little town about 100 km from Belo Horizonte (BH) in the state of Minas Gerais. We went there on day trip from BH but once can stay here for couple of nights as well. There are enough homestays & pousadas (Inns) available.

How to reach Ouro Preto

While there are overnight buses from both Rio De Janeiro & Sao Paulo, we took a short 2 hour ride from BH. There is only one company named Passaro Verde that runs an hourly service to Ouro Preto and back. While driving time is about 80 minutes, buses stop often midway to pick passengers making the whole ride a 2 hour affair. For us it wasn’t a problem, as the scenery is to die for and we had ample supply of munchies/beverages

What to Do at Ouro Preto

We got down at bus station Ouro Preto which in itself can be a small quaint tourist spot. The city square is a short downhill walk from there. It started drizzling and that surprisingly added a new dimension to this whole experience. Rain brought the temperature further down and there was fine mist suspended on the surrounding hills.



There are about 5 main churches and equal number of museums if one is interested in the same to pass time and learn about the history of the place. Also, there are mine tours that can be availed for the discerning traveller. Overall, the whole town is a maze of hilly cobbled streets and we spent next 3 hours criss-crossing these. After all this, we had built up an appetite and Kilo Restaurant was our next destination.

We had reached Ouro Preto at around 12 noon and took the 4 pm bus back to BH.


Deft Tips:

  • No need to pre book bus tickets from BH. There is enough availability
  • If you have done one colonial town, you have done most. So don’t waste time going to similar destinations
  • Of all the kilo restaurants we went to, Ouro Preto was the best one. Try the one in central square. You won’t be disappointed.