Overland border crossing is a common phenomenon for passport holders of Western Countries. But for us Indians, because of prevalent visa regime in the world, we tend to enter a country via its airports with a pre-approved visa. While we procured our Peru visa in New Delhi itself, the idea of overland border crossing struck us while we were in Bolivia.

How to reach Bolivia Peru Border

From La Paz, we booked ourselves with this company named Bolivia Hop. They run La Paz to Cusco bus service that runs for 5 days in a week. They have comfortable coaches and have an on-board English Speaking guide. As per the schedule of these coaches, they arrive at Bolivia Peru border at about 5:30 pm.

Border Crossing Process

Once at Bolivian side of the border, we de-boarded the bus. We were asked to take our luggage (handbags & big rucksacks) with us and proceed to the immigration office. Essentially, there should be nothing left on the bus that got us to the border. We proceeded to the immigration line for foreigners for our exit stamp. Contrary to many posts of internet, the process was a breeze and was over in 2 minutes. We handed over our passports and counterfoil of entry form to the immigration officer and he just stamped us out of Bolivia.

Queuing up at Bolivian Immigration 
Our Bolivian Hop Guide – Just outside Bolivian Immigration Building

After this, we picked up our luggage and Peruvian guide escorted us across the border. Yes, we actually walked to Peru under an arch.

Peru side of the border – lake Titicaca in background

Once on Peru side, we again queued up at the immigration desk and got our entry stamp. As we had already received visas in New Delhi, there were no questions asked. I presume if one is applying for visa on arrival (not available for Indians), then officers may ask some basic questions.

And in a matter of 20 minutes, we were in Peru. Our first over land border crossing !!!

Deft Tips:

  • Cross over via Copacabana border post as this is tourist friendly. Other border crossings are known for scams and touts
  • Always be pleasant during immigration process. These guys have unquestionable authority to allow or disallow you into their country.
  • It’s advisable to travel via Bolivia Hop or Peru Hop buses. They really guide you through the process