La Paz is a quirky place with attractions to match. Here are few attractions of the city which are must do in spite of all the huffing and puffing you might have to undergo.  As intense as La Paz is as a city, We flew into La Paz from Antogafasta via Santiago, Chile. La Paz being the highest capital in the world has a special place in every traveler’s heart. It is a sight to behold from air and walking the steep inclines is an experience one must have.

Plaza Murillo

Plaza Murillo is a vast (by Bolivian standards) open area in the center of the city. It is surrounded by various government buildings. It is tree lined and has colorful surroundings. With enough food vendors around, it does feel similar to India in few respects. Lot of people feed pigeons here but they are not a nuisance at all. A nice place to sit and watch the city go by.

Plaza Murillo

Witches Market

This is absolutely off beat and out of the world place to be. This market is basically a cluster of shops manned by elderly Bolivian women in their traditional attire. Targeted at witchcraft, these shops sell weird things. From Llama fetuses to traditional condiments, this place is a revelation. A must see if you are in La Paz.

Llama Fetuses at Witches Market

Food at La Paz

Food in La Paz was overtly meat based and fried. We did find a vegetarian place called Govindas that was essentially run by ISKCON. Here are few glimpses of our food at La Paz.

La Paz Cable Car (Teleferico)

Used as a public transport by locals, it is extremely useful as bulk of the population lives on hills and works in downtown that is in the valley. With 3 lines (green, yellow & red), it is a boon for locals and tourists alike. Just take the cable car till the top and enjoy the view. Once done, come down the same way. It is cheap , just 3 Bolivianos (INR 30) one way.

Apart from this, there are customary viewpoints & museums in the city. Also, there are beautiful churches that are really ornamental in their decoration.

Deft Tips:

  • Don’t bother with Viewpoints (called Miradors in Spanish). Instead take a teleferico (cable car) to its highest point & back
  • Eat street food, It is fresh and cheap.
  • Have Coca Leaf tea. Not only it fights altitude sickness, it is also a nice hot beverage for cold mornings and evening.