Yes, there is a town named ‘Copacabana’ & it’s in Bolivia. Copacabana is situated right next to Lake Titicaca, largest freshwater lake in South America. The town has an absolutely laid back bohemian vibe and is colorful in every aspect. Everything here revolves around the lake. There are numerous home stays, hostels & few luxury hotels as well.

Colorful Copacabana – Lake From Restaurants

We decided not to stay a night at Copacabana. Instead, we opted for Bolivia Hop bus that provides an excursion to Copacabana and Lake Titicaca while transporting people from Bolivia to Peru. Peru border is just about 20 minutes from Copacabana. After 4 hour ride from La Paz, we reached Copacabana and were famished. We chose one of the many lake-facing restaurants with great view & poor WIFI. After sumptuous meal, we made our way to jetty for 1.5 hour boat ride to Isla Del Sol. It is a serene place with lot of hiking opportunities. The scenery on the way was heavenly & frankly we did doze off for a bit with boat’s movement.

Lunch – Food & View to die for
Hiking Trail on Isla Del Sol 

Lake Titicaca seems as big as an ocean. Water is blue and it is dotted with small beautiful uninhabited islands. After spending 1 hour on the island, we made our way back to Copacabana to board our bus. Border shuts down at around 7 pm or so , hence it was essential to reach there on time.

One the many islands on Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca – big & blue as an ocean !!

Deft Tips:

  • Sunglasses & Sun Block are absolute essential as glare from sunlight reflection from water is immense
  • Try to sit on top of the boat. Views are incomparable and you also escape the diesel fumes from the motor
  • For people who desire lazy holidays, Copacabana is the destination for you. For laziest of all, stay at Isla Del Sol !!!