We visited Cuba in the month of November’2016 and this post is directed to detail out the visa process for Cuba for Indian Passport holders

What is Cuba Visa?

Cuba visa is not a traditional sticker kind of visa. It is in a form of a tourist card that the airlines you are flying with to Cuba sells. There is obviously no direct flight from India to Cuba , hence answers from Cuban embassy in Delhi may not be entirely correct.

Important Points about Tourist Card & other travel formalities

  • The airlines you are using to fly into Cuba will be able to sell you the tourist card right before the check in
  • Alternatively, you may buy the tourist card from their city office after confirming with them.
  • This card should cost anywhere between USD 15-20 per person
  • Please ensure that it is stamped by the airlines on the back side
  • You require medical insurance also for travel to Cuba though they don’t check it diligently. But still, it is a requirement. It costs about INR 900 / – for 2 people for 5 days.
  • For US citizens, their government has provided a list of 12 reasons for which they can travel to Cuba. Surprisingly, tourism is not one of them.
  • Best way for US citizens is to fly to Cuba from somewhere else like Mexico (Cancun) , Costa Rica etc. Lot of people do that & ask the immigration at Cuba to stamp the tourist card and not the passport. Mostly, they oblige.

Deft Tips:

  • Be ready to wait for long time in Immigration queues at Cuban airports
  • Carry Euros instead of Dollars. Cubans impose penalty on exchanging dollar currency.
  • If you want to use ATM, please carry VISA cards. MasterCard are not accepted and don’t work on ATMs as well.

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